Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Soca Gold 2010: Wins Compilation of the Year!

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The 8th Annual International Soca Awards took place at the National Academy for the Performing Arts in Port of Spain, Trinidad on November 27, 2010. From the curtains going up on the memorable tribute to Alphonsus 'Arrow' Cassell to the fantastic finale of Terry Lyons, the 8th International Soca Awards was an absolute hit. CG and Big Daddy George and Militant commanded the Red Carpet, and the Codrington Pan Family Steel Orchestra greeted the guests in to the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) on Saturday November 27. Nikki Crosby did her thing as the funny, sexy host, and the artists and presenters were in tasteful, elegant garb for the big night in soca music.

It was truly a tribute to the 70s and 80s music, and viewers were delighted to see Swallow's and Baron's performances. The Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism of Trinidad and Tobago, Honorable Winston 'Gypsy' Peters, presented the Honorees of the night with their awards, and the tributes from Blaxx, Star George, SW Storm, Marvin Lewis, Dane Gulston, and Soca Elvis raised the hairs on people's arms. Myron B, Dee Diamond, Rhythm and Moods and the Christmas Caravan rounded off the night with Sweet Soca Parang, music of the season, and without a doubt, the night would not have been complete without the beautiful performance from the Candice Clarke-Andell Dance Academy and flawless accompaniments of the Divine Echoes Band.

The night was a great one for soca music. The validity of the awards are certainly in no question here, because for those that could not make it to the show to collect their awards, they were certainly celebrating their titles at parties all across the world. Buffy, JW and Blaze, and Ravi B and Karma band were big winners for the night. Soca Awards Organization (SAO) President and CEO Colin H. Jackman commented that the iSA was a "fantastic show, and urges the artists to keep reaching for the stars because SAO plans to continue to take Soca music to Higher Heights." He takes his hat off to those who were in full support, such as the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, Wack Radio 90.1 FM, Soca 91.9 FM, Blue Waters, Pour Moi, ET&T Weekly, D'Celebrities, Alicia's Palace, Soca TV, 866 Two 1 Mix, TCN, Pepsi, Precision Signs, PS Trophies and Awards, and Touch Entertainment.

Here is the list of all the winners from the 8th International Soca Awards:

Best New Female Soca Artist - Buffy
Best New Male Soca Artist - Swappi
Soca Duo or Group of the Year - JW & Blaze
Soca Song Writer of the Year - Kernal Roberts
Best Soca Collaboration of the Year - Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons
Over All Female Soca Artist of the Year -Buffy
Over All Male Soca Artists of the Year - Machel Montano
International Soca DJ of the year - DJ Stephen
Best Soca Compilation Album/CD of the Year - Soca Gold 2010
Best Soca Compilation Rhythm - Gutter Riddim - (Marcus Frederick)
Best Groove Soca - Female - Buffy - Anything
Best Groove Soca - Male - Machel Montano - Thiefin
Best up Tempo Soca - Female - Faye-Ann Lyons - True Lies
Best up Tempo Soca - Male - Talpree
Soca Song of the Year - JW & Blaze - Palance
Favorite Soca Info Website - www.toronto-lime.com
Over All Soca Band of the Year - Roy Cape All Stars
Soca Producer of the Year - Kernal Roberts and Garret
Best Soca Music Video - SW Storm
Best Soca Chutney Music Video - Soca Elvis - Rum Doh Bother Me
Over All Soca Chutney Artist of the Year - Ravi B - Ah Drinka
Over All Soca Chutney Band of the Year - Karma Band
Soca Chutney Song of the Year - Ravi B - Ah Drinka
Favorite Soca Online Radio - www.wackradio901fm.com
Best DJ/Radio Host Soca Artist (DJ's/Radio Host that sings) - JW & Blaze - Palance
Best TNT Political Election Party Soca Song of the Year (TNT Special) - Patrick Manning Have To go - Crazy
Best Parang Soca Song of the Year (TNT Special) - Dee Diamond
Best Radio Soca DJ - Marlon Mr. Music from Soca 91.9 FM 

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