Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mighty Sparrow Soca Anthology: Doctor Bird - 2CD/DVD Set!

(17 NORTH PARADE/VP RECORDS, NEW YORK) - The 'King of Calypso' music, Slinger Francisco aka The Mighty Sparrow aka Doctor Bird, is an extraordinary entertainer who utilizes the medium he masters not just to entertain but also to edify, enlighten, and educate. OnMay 17, 2011, 17 North Parade/VP Records sees the release of the ultimate collection of classics from this Caribbean icon with his Soca Anthology, aptly titled DOCTOR BIRD.

The Mighty Sparrow has proven himself as the quintessential calypsonian with over seventy (70) albums to his credit. An incredibly talented entertainer, he possesses an amazing ability not only to put into works and tempo the exploits of society, but to crown it all with showmanship and appeal. His great contribution to the art form of calypso and Caribbean culture overall has thus unraveled the mysteries of island life for the world to experience, through his sounds. He is also credited with bringing international acceptance to a genre that was once scorned by the elite of Caribbean society.

This double-CD and DVD anthology edition is a collector's item, with each CD packed with 15 of Sparrow's hits for a total of 30 classics, and is presented with a DVD of rare footage of the musician, on and off the stage. Featuring jams that placed Caribbean music on the map such as "Congo Man," "Jean And Dinah" and "Mr. Walker," DOCTOR BIRD is a definitive collection of Sparrow's works for both his lifelong fans and those who wish to experience the very best in calypso music, from one of the world's most electrifying and dynamic performers.  
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1. Jean And Dinah
2. Congo Man
3. Obeah Wedding
4. Bendwood Dick
5. Sparrow Dead
6. Sell The Pussy
7. Mother In-Law
8. Willie Dead
9. Tobago Girls
10. Doh Drop The Tempo
11. Gu Nu Gu
12. Love African Style
13. May May (Mae Mae)
14. Only A Fool Aka Only A Fool Breaks Is Own Heart
15. Lying Excuses


1. Mother's Love
2. Saltfish (Solfish)
3. Maria
4. Mas In Caracas
5. Sixty Million French Men
6. How You Jamming So
7. Wood In The Fire
8. Ah Fraid Pussy Bite Me
9. Sparrow Water De Garden
10. Dead Or Alive
11. Village Ram
12. Whole Night We Jamming
13. Ten To One
14. Mr. Walker
15. Drunk & Disoderly Medley

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