Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Signal to Drop Latest Album

Busy Signal is just weeks away from dropping his latest album D.O.B.,
(Difference of Busy Signal).
-Leighton Levy, Jamaica Star Writer

The album will be his fourth and is set for release on July 13, he
tells THE STAR.

"There is a whole bunch of work and whole bunch of videos in progress and
everything," says the entertainer born Reanno Gordon. "I have a song with
Bounty Killer called Suppen A Go Gwaan, and we have some songs with me Bounty Killer and Mavado."

Just recently he shot a video for the song he did with Bounty Killer.


The deejay, who is said to be part of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance, says his work these days is about bringing positive messages to his fans because that is what Jamaica needs.

"I am trying to put out uplifting songs right now. The state that Jamaica is in
right now, we need some songs for people to restore their strength, restore
their confidence, restore their love for the Caribbean, restore their love for
themselves and cherish life," he said making reference to the recent upheavals
in Kingston and the alarming number of people who have lost their lives.

Now, he says, is not the time for the songs that have negative messages. "You
have to do things under timing," he said. "Only an idiot would go out there and
sing a gun song, only stupid people would do that at a time like this in Jamaica
right now. Personally, I don't even think we need songs like that."

There are about 17 tracks on the album including one called Let Peace Reign for
which he shot a video recently. The videos, he says, are more about letting
people see what the songs are all about. "This is a blessing basically," he said.

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