Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Signal Launches New Clothing line

When THE STAR spoke with the deejay recently, he explained that the line was started more than two months ago and features T-shirts for men and women.

As well as being a multi-talented artiste, Busy is also known for his fashion sense, going from T-shirts and jeans on a day-to-day basis to decking out in full suits, courtesy of Carlton Brown, for shows and special occasions. He plans to bring his unique flair to his fashion line.

He said, "People always sey, Jah know, Busy you always look good, yuh mus start your own ting, so mi listen to people and waan gwaan try summen interms of fashion."

Beyond t-shirts

His desire was further developed after designer Castelle Barnes from Brandz Apparel stepped in. Barnes was introduced to Busy by a friend. The designer approached the deejay to work on a line and now the two are working hand in hand, exchanging ideas and hoping to soon expand the Turf Gear name beyond t-shirts...Read More

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