Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Etana Scores with 'Happy Heart'

Kingston, Jamaica -- December 15, 2009 -- Reggae soul sensation Etana flawlessly delivers passionate vocals on her new love song "Happy Heart," boldly exposing her emotional side. And now, a gripping one-of-a-kind video, zooming in on the theme of unconditional love, will accompany the steamy single. Spearheaded by famed Directors Scorpio 21, the Happy Heart video is a true work of art and like no other in it's genre.

Creatively set in the mid-19th Century ( circa 1854), the Happy Heart video depicts a tale of forbidden love so strong that no matter the circumstances, the love is everlasting and omnipotent even from a distance. In this video, Etana hails from wealthy family, yet her genuine love interest is with one of the house helpers. The love affair blossoms behind closed doors until Etana is thrusted into an arranged marriage to someone of her status. Despite this forced union, Etana's true love never withers.

Setting themselves a part with new and exciting themes for video production, Scorpio 21 says, "the concept of the video is to show a love story that brings out the words of the chorus in a different light: 'I love you, I love you unconditionally...no matter what...no matter what... I am always going to be your girl.'

Filmed on location at the legendary Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica, Scorpio 21 selected an picture perfect setting to capture the ambiance of the Victorian era. Moreover, the elaborate costumes (coordinated by Melissa Dunkley) and set bring this period piece to life. This video is definitely a breakthrough effort, as most in it's genre are set in current times. Scorpio 21 is one of Jamaica's most visible production teams. Under their belt, they have a number of high quality video music productions including Tarrus Riley's "Good Girl Gone Bad," Wayne Marshall and Tammy Chin's "Good Love," and Rain Seville's "Slippery When Wet."

Reggae music fans and critics will love this latest effort. The production of the "Happy Heart" video concludes Etana's trio of new music videos filmed since November. Fans will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite new Etana video and win top prizes in an exclusive RETV Video Music Competition, which will begin on December and feature "Happy Heart," "Free" and "August Town."

Courtesy Irish and Chin

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