Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Signal & Red Label Wine continue a winning collaboration

Busy Signal & Red Label Wine continue a winning collaboration

J. Wray and Nephew is once again sending the Signal that it will continue to lead the way in groundbreaking television commercials as it promotes its popular Red Label Wine brand.

For the second year running, top dancehall artiste Busy Signal has been signed to endorse the brand - a real coup for the marketers. One of the hottest dancehall properties around, Busy’s street “cred”, his sense of style and of course his undeniable talent create the perfect synergy with the brand that continues its strong association with the latest trends in pop culture.

Producer/Director of the commercial, Delano Forbes of Phase Three Productions solicited the services of leading Video Director Brian St. Juste of Time Code Productions creating a powerhouse team that combines high standards of creative and technical expertise and is further bolstered by Director of Photography Chris Browne, a creative heavy as well.

An integral part of the commercial is the Jingle which was written and performed by Busy and produced by hot, young producer Shane Brown of Jukebox Productions who is also Busy’s Manager.

According to Romaro Samuels, Red Label Wine’s brand manager, “Red Label Wine has always been associated with the best of dancehall. And it’s difficult to speak about the best in current dancehall without mention of Busy.” Having Busy on board for a second consecutive year does pose a challenge to sound different, to look different, but we have stepped up to the plate and outdone ourselves”. Back for his sophomore year, Busy takes to the screen and takes swag to another level, in his Carlton Brown custom made suit – looking more like Mr. Reanno Gordon than Busy Signal.

This year’s theme is “RED SWAGGA”, and showcases the natural vibe and individualistic style of the dancehall patron. Ask Busy to describe Red Swagger and the 26-year old offers that “Red Swagga doesn’t necessarily have to do with a person’s look or style. Red Swagger is a confidence about yourself and the way you carry yourself. It’s an attitude. And you always have a Red Label Wine in your hand ‘cause it helps bring out your flavour.”

Red Swagger is an integrated marketing message that highlights the pulse of Red Label Wine, Jamaica’s first and most successful ready to drink wine - the energy and the thrill of music and dance in the party setting. The campaign features 45 and 30-second television and radio commercials as well as print material.

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