Monday, December 1, 2008

New York Magazine Rates VP Records Queens Retail Store

Check out the latest issue of New York Magazine published on Nov. 30, 2008.
They listed our VP Records retail store on their guide to the very best in indie culture. See full article online.

The best record stores come in small, highly specialized packages.
Of all the major musical comebacks of 2008 (Guns N’ Roses, Erykah Badu, pseudo-sapphism), the most surprising was the return of record stores—many of which are thriving in spite of the corkscrewing economy. Two keys to their success: Start buying up bandwidth (indie wonderland Other Music has a thriving digital store). And forget the little-bit-of-everything approach and find a speciality—as in, cater to fanatics. “People sit on crates for hours and sort through records,” says Anthony Cascella of Breakdown Records, one of our top twelve destinations.


The Vibe: One of the oldest, most venerable reggae sources in the country. Employees spin dance-hall and dub records on turntables, while customers rifle through marked-down 45s and imported vinyl from labels like Greensleeves and Studio One.
You Might Find: A near-complete collection of multivolume anthology series Strictly the Best. You’ll definitely find an entire “in memoriam” section dedicated to Caribbean soca pioneer Byron Lee, who died last month. 170-21 Jamaica Ave., Jamaica; 718-297-5802.



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